(Adult) Literature by Trans Writers

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

This is one of those backburner projects that's been simmering at the bottom of my to-do list for (quite literally) years: putting together an online database of, A) the ABUNDANCE of amazing stories I've come across by gender diverse storytellers, B) resources by gender diverse storytellers on craft, process, the ethics of writing, etc, and C) trans-affirming literary journals, publishing presses, and magazines to submit your work to!

I'm starting off today with Part A: books by gender diverse writers. This list is sooo far from being exhaustive it's not even funny, so expect to see more and more books added in the coming weeks, months, and years (probably at a rate faster than I'm actually *reading* them, since I struggle as is to keep up with the books I have due back at the library... a universal queer lit nerd experience, if my interactions with other gays on Tindr, OKC, Grindr and Lex are to be trusted).

As far as "genre" goes, I have a bias towards writing that lives somewhere within the nebulous realms of realistic fiction, speculative fiction, auto-fiction, creative non-fiction, and poetry; while I've made an effort to include some more traditional memoirs in this list, I'm generally less interested in trans memoir than I am in other forms of trans writing (more on this later... maybe).

I've also chosen *not* to to include books marketed towards young adults, only because I've found trans YA waaaay more easily accessible than trans literature marketed towards adults. That being said, I recognize that these categories are inherently flawed because, amongst other things, plenty of "adults" read YA and vice versa. Regardless of the flawed nature of pretty much all strict binaries, go ahead and Google 'trans young adult books' and you'll find plenty of resources.

My goal is to to keep growing both this overall collection and the sub-categories by which you can explore (so, eventually I'd like to have sub-collections for trans literature by BIPOC; trans literature by non-binary trans & gnc folks; historic trans literature/trans literature by our elders; etc etc). For the time being, though, I've sorted the books into three basic categories: Trans Poetry, Trans Fiction, and Trans Creative Non-Fiction. OR, you can simply peruse this big 'ole blob of books and click on whatever cover catches your fancy (I'm no good at html, so the widget may also take a moment to load)!